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There are many rental car companies all within the same price range. Most offer Jeeps or SUVs to get you to the most remote beaches, but just because it’s 4wd doesn’t mean you can’t get stuck. Vieques has some world class potholes that are surprisingly deep. When parking at the beach don’t leave valuables in the car and leave the car unlocked. At Sunbay do not park on the ocean side of the road, only in the grass on the opposite side. When returning cars you will be charged for wet seats so think twice about leaving the top off the jeep. Make sure you rent from a licensed car rental company.


The roads on Vieques are narrow and sometimes very rough. If renting a golf cartor UTV be sure to go slow and do not go off the berm of the pavement as the drop off from pavement to gravel can be severe and cause the vehicle to tip.  

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Bikes can be rented by the hour or day.  If you plan on using a bike as transportation make sure you research mileage on Google maps.  Also, be aware that most beach roads are dirt, gravel or sand with some steep inclines.  Hot, dusty roads; always have water!

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Publicos are marked with the letters TC for transportacion collectiva (Collective
Transportation) meaning that they can pick up other passengers along the route.
Look for a van with wording on the side or windshield. An island tour is a great way
to see the island and learn from a local. Choose from beach hopping, cultural sites,
a history tour or customize your own tour. 

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