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Discover Vieques’ vibrant underwater world with must-see attractions. Its Bioluminescent Bay, recognized as the world’s brightest, offers a breathtaking light display at night. Learn about bioluminescence and local conservation efforts at the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust in Esperanza.

Explore the island’s colorful marine life through snorkeling tours, ranging from boat excursions to hidden reefs
requiring guides and kayaks. Dive deeper with scuba diving classes from beginner to advanced levels with
experienced guides.

Paddleboarding in calm waters is a popular family activity. For mangrove exploration, fishing, or open water adventures, consider kayaking tours tailored to your interests. For an adrenaline rush, jet-ski rentals are available in Esperanza, or join guided tours to white sand beaches (exercise caution around other watercraft and reefs).

Charter a boat for snorkeling trips to vibrant offshore reefs or book a fishing expedition for a memorable catch. 

SAFETY FIRST!  When venturing out to the watery wonders of Vieques you are better off not doing it on your own. The charters and tours available here are inexpensive, educational and the captains and guides know how to keep you and your family safe. 


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