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Welcome to Vieques!

Vieques is an island 7 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico best known for its award winning beaches, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world and its rich culture. Arriving on Vieques you may feel like you've traveled back in time to a place where life is managed by the tides instead of the clock, horses are still used as transportation, and nature presides. If you choose Vieques to vacation, you will not be disappointed. Crystal clear aquamarine water, white sand, amazing cuisine and accommodations ranging from chic-rustic to elegant are just a few of the options that Vieques has to offer. You won't find nightclubs, casinos, chain grocery stores, golf clubs or shopping malls. Instead visit the local bars and restaurants, small family run colmados, galleries with local artwork, and gift shops full of local crafts, clothing and gifts. Accessible only by ferry or small aircraft, Vieques is the hidden gem of the Caribbean.  

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