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15 Questions Answered

When is the high season?

The high season lasts from Christmas to Easter but is busy during all holidays.

When is the official hurricane season?

Officially, June 1 to November 30

Why are green vegetables so hard to find here? Aren’t they easy to grow in this climate?

Vegetables are extremely difficult to grow here due to salt and insects. There are times of the year when there is too much rain or not enough.

Do I need to tip on Vieques?

YES you need to tip on Vieques; standard percentages you would use in the states. 18%-20% or more for exceptional service.

Do Vieques residents go to the beach every day?

Not if we have jobs! Many seasonal workers here lament not going to the beach as often as they’d like.

What is the sales tax in Puerto Rico?

The SUT (sales and use tax) was raised from 7% to 11.5 % on July 1, 2015.

Can I bring a rental car on the ferry?

No. All car rental companies prohibit inter-island travel.

Is a rental car necessary?

It depends on your travel goals, where you are staying, and your sense of adventure. Many beaches are located miles out onto the Reserve or edges of the island. Walking to them isn’t an option in most cases. Golf carts, scooters, motorized bikes and regular bicycles are all available for rent as well. Publicos (vans) and taxis are available island-wide.

What is the price of gas on the island?

1 gallon = 3.78541 liters so multiply the current price at the gas station by 3.785.

How are utilities supplied to Vieques? Is electric really expensive here?

Water and electric are supplied to Vieques from the mainland via the electric and water utilities of Puerto Rico (AEE) and (AAA).

The 2015 average cost per kilowatt hour in the continental U.S. was 10.33 in 2015. Puerto Rico pays almost three times that, with the average kilowatt hour costing between $.24 and $.29 cents.

Should I go to Culebra for the day?

There is no direct ferry from Vieques to Culebra, so you have to travel via Fajardo. Schedules being what they are, it is not a realistic ‘day trip’. Flying from Vieques to Culebra is much quicker and not cost prohibitive. If you secure your flights in advance, a day trip can be accomplished.

Do I need to wear a seatbelt?

Seatbelt laws are strictly enforced in Puerto Rico and, specifically, on Vieques. Fines are $50.00 per occupant not wearing a seatbelt.

What are the cricket-like sounds at night?

Frogs. Puerto Rico has 16 species of tiny tree frogs called Coquis. Only one is considered the true coqui and sings its name. Koe-Kee!

What time do the bars close?

Legally bars are required to close at 1am – Sunday thru Thursday, 2:30 am – Friday and Saturday.  Many bar/restaurants close earlier so check with your establishment of choice.

Do I need 4 wheel drive?

If you are heading out to Navio Beach or other less accessible areas, and it has recently rained, yes, you will most likely need it. Otherwise, it’s not necessary.

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