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Beach Trifecta

For a mere four dollars you can load up your car with friends and family and visit Sun Bay, one of the most spectacular beach vistas on Vieques.  But what you may not know is you’ve just hit the trifecta with your bet.  THREE of the most beautiful yet uniquely diverse beaches of Vieques, Sunbay, Media Luna and Navio, lie just beyond the entrance on Rt. 997. Under a joint care and management agreement between the DRNA and the Vieques Historical Trust each of these beaches is receiving the attention needed to be considered a top tier Caribbean beach. And you can hit them all in one day with a little planning.


A spectacular one mile expanse of white sand with plenty of shade, Sunbay is the perfect destination to wind down, relax and enjoy the crystal clear water of the Caribbean. It is the only beach on Vieques with rest rooms, showers and food service. Sunbay is the preferred beach where locals gather for dominos, barbeques and beach games. Once you find your spot in the sun you may find it difficult to leave!

Media Luna

After Sunbay, head east to the end then follow the signs to Media Luna. This beach is ideal if traveling with small children. Sand as soft as powder, the warmest water on island, a very gradual pitch and extremely calm water ensure the comfort and confidence of even the very young. The grass areas among the trees can accommodate large group cookouts or a private family picnic. The gazebos and picnic areas have been recently updated.


Just a few hundred yards east of Media Luna sits Navio, the beach for the adventurer.  This open water beach creates the largest waves on the southern shore. Boogie boarding and body surfing are the predominant water activities but there is also very good snorkeling along the eastern shoreline. The cave to the east is an amazing photo opportunity. Bring a beach umbrella.

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