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Island Realities: Wedding Tips from the Planners

Candles blow out in the ever-constant Trade Winds, even in lanterns. Use LED candles or lights whenever possible, particularly outdoors.

Don’t plan on checking in to your hotel the same day as your wedding. Most hotels have a check-in time of 3 or 4 pm and won’t be able to accommodate an earlier check in –even for brides.

Your dress, jewelry and shoes and any other important items for your wedding day should be in a carry on in case luggage is lost. Ask TSA to wear gloves when they inspect your dress.

Plan your ceremony at least 90 minutes before sunset to allow enough time for those fabulous photos. Give your photographer a family member “combo sheet” to make family portraits go much faster.

Avoid flowers with pollen or a strong smell like tiger lillies. Even if you don’t have allergies someone at the wedding might.

Ship items in advance and send to a physical address. USPS, UPS and FedEx schedules do not apply to Vieques and things always take longer to arrive than you would expect.

When it comes to wedding cake there isn’t a frosting made that won’t melt under our glaring sun and tropical temperatures. Keep it in the shade and protected from the wind. No one likes a droopy, sandy cake.

Your wedding planner can make completing paperwork for Puerto Rico’s requirements much easier. Get the paperwork done immediately in case the offices are closed.  Mucho holidays in Puerto Rico.

Sending a Vieques travel information packet to invited guests BEFORE the RSVP date is a must. Helping your guests manage their expectations will improve their experience as well.

Did you know? Many of the streets are not named, so many residents have no physical address.  Most have a P.O. box.  Residents drive a distance down the road to the community mailbox or to downtown Isabel II to the Post Office to retrieve their mail. Notices of packages require a trip to the Post Office.

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