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Let’s Get Our Feet Wet

the choices abound

Use that brief window called vacation to cleanse the soul of the daily grind, open your heart to a new adventure and enjoy the sights and sounds of someplace exotic. Taste the cuisine, experience the culture and appreciate all the magnificent scenery nature has to offer.  Well, you have chosen the right destination, my friend. Vieques will deliver. Go explore, but save some time for an amazing experience on the water.

When venturing out to the watery wonders of Vieques you are better off not doing it on your own. Trying to save a little money or being a hero can put you and your loved ones in harm’s way. The charters and tours available here are inexpensive and educational, and the captains and guides on Vieques are professionals.  Their familiarity with local water and weather conditions will help determine the best time and location for your tour. Plus, all the necessary equipment and expertise is supplied for a fabulous day.

Number 1 on the must do list is the BIOLUMINESCENT BAY. Vieques’ own natural wonder, the micro organisms (dinoflagellates) glow in a spectacular aquatic light show when disturbed. The Milky Way above and the bio Bay below will leave you reeling in a dazzling display of nature’s grandeur.

SNORKELING introduces you to an underwater world of color and shapes dancing in spectacular seascapes. The variety of sea life and corals will astound even the most experienced snorkeler. Find variety in the types of snorkeling tours offered as well. Snorkel off-shore reefs from a chartered sail or boat excursion, hard to find reefs that require a guide and a kayak, night time snorkel tours, Hookah tours, which allow you to breath through a hose connected to the surface, and night time tours; all fun and exciting forms of snorkeling newly available on island.

Want to stay under longer?  Our SCUBA DIVING operators supply top of the line equipment with experienced and certified guides who emphasize safety. Classes are offered that range from beginner introduction classes to advanced open water trips.

PADDLEBOARDING can be an exercise in tranquility or just plain exercise. The usually calm waters make this fast growing sport a pleasurable family activity.

If you want to explore the mangroves, see the Bio Bay or head to open water, you will find a KAYAKING tour to accommodate your interests.

Consistent breezes – compliments of the trade winds – create a variety of SAILING opportunities available on both the North and South shores. Captains will often sail together at the request of larger groups.

Need an adrenaline rush? You can find JET-SKI RENTALS in Esperanza. (Please use extreme caution around other watercraft, snorkelers and our fragile reefs.)  Or, board a POWER BOAT for a quick trip to the vibrant offshore reefs or book a FISHING TRIP for that catch of a lifetime.

Once you have decided the type of excursion to pursue, contact a Vieques professional service for a date and time.  They work continuously to keep you and your family safe when providing an incredible day “On the Water.”

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