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Vieques Voices

creative outlet (by Daphne Vosberg)

Strolling the Malecón between 10pm and midnight on the first and third Thursdays of every month, one is likely to witness performances born of the need for creative expression. In January of this year Vieques Voices arose from the late night-post-restaurant scene of the tourist district in Esperanza. Local MCs and spoken-word poets Daphne and Stephanie led the way, teaming-up to rally audience members to the single microphone in front of El Guayacán Bar & Restaurant, encouraging others to voice their passions. Equal parts local and tourist, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual, Vieques Voices has become a diverse mix of performance art ranging from acoustic singer/song-writer to spoken word to stand-up comedy, all guaranteed to make you laugh, connect, relate, and feel.


Ode to Vieques

by stephanie la crema latona

The enchantment of the sun sparkles ferociously Humbled by the beauty, poised by the breeze Exposing body and soul to the tropical heat Leaving everything behind, especially cold concrete Nature seduces so eloquently Salt water the elixir of  wounds most definitely Hues of blues and greens blend precisely Biolumenesince captures the true essence Take a deep breath, relieve your stress

Take it all in …… Island bliss


promoting cultural tourism

Members of Ciudadanos Pro Cultura are Victor Gonzalez, Will Colon, Carmen Rosario, Corporina Félix, Salvador Fragosa, José Ley Díaz, Edwin Rivera, José King Jr. & Sr., José Bird, and Georgina Emeric.

A group of residents are beautifying the island one cultural site at a time. Ciudadanos Pro Cultura, a non-profit corporation started by Will Colon in 2011, has just completed its latest project, the entrance to the Puerto Ferro archeological site. The group was established in order to increase awareness of the cultural sites on Vieques and increase cultural tourism. Will, who designs and fabricates the artwork for the installations, states, “ The work is not for us–it is for our children in the future.” Other projects that they have completed are plastering the Leguillou Tombs for preservation, creating an entrance sign at Playa Gallito, restoring a brick wall, and the restoration and maintenance of historical tombs in the old Vieques cemetery.


Great News for Vieques!

Corefi Food Pantry is Now Open!

Vieques residents in need now have assistance getting the basic needs for their daily diet. Corefi Food Pantry is now and is located at the old municipality hospital behind the Luisa Guadalupe elderly center. COREFI (Concerned Residents for Improvement, Inc.) is a local Vieques Island non-profit organization, registered with the local and federal government ,and cares for those in need on Vieques including the sick and elderly.

The Food Pantry is open the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 9am til 2pm.

Corefi is in need of volunteers and donations to keep the pantry stocked and operating. For more information please call Sonia Ventura at 787-741-2076 or 787-433-0413

public charity exemption status 501C3

Donations to Corefi Food Pantry are tax deductible

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