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Non-Profits in Vieques

Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico

Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico offers programs every day, Monday to Friday, 3:00pm to 8:00pm, and Saturday we have trips and other activities for kids. In Vieques we have an outreach program specializing in: educational programs (tutoring, homework assistance and others), Arts (Bomba & Plena, combined with educational programs), recreational activities, educational and cultural field trips in Vieques and main Island, and others. We also support parents, to assist them with their children’s education.

We also offer free consulting to non profit organizations of Vieques.

This past school year we offered programs to 131 Kids from 5  to 16 years. This year the goal was increased to reach 150 kids from ages 15-18 years of age, establishing activies that support our “University Goal” programs.

For more information about us, please go to: or call 787-268-4504.

In Vieques, call us at 787-741-6006 or 787-402-2244

Félix Quiñones Nieves Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico – Línea de Alcance Vieques, PR

Project Leader Telf. 787-741-6006 Cel. 787-402-2244


Vieques en Rescate, Inc

An organization dedicated to providing assistance for cancer patients of Vieques and their families.

For more information call 787-741-7799


Caballos Bieke, Inc.


Caballos Bieke, Inc. is a professional community-based nonprofit organization registered and established in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Our main mission is to educate the community on the humane treatment of abandoned and abused horses on the Vieques Island; through protection, care and the rescue of horses on our island.

We provide technical assistance to government organizations, private and to the community and we provide information on the protection of the horses of our island to the community and visitors of Vieques. We also work to educate, develop and provide the youth of Vieques an active participation in the efforts of protection and for them to receive training in how to care for horses in captivity and as cultural and environmental interpretive guides. All this is also to help in the development of tourist programs in the island.

Kimberly Noemi Diaz Rosas 434-984-5491 on Facebook caballos bieke



Concerned Residents for Improvement, Inc. (COREFI) is a local Vieques Island non-profit organization, registered with the local and federal government ,and cares for those in need on Vieques including the sick and elderly. We recently have established a food bank to feed those who cannot afford to feed themselves. Please support us.

COREFI Patron Number- 660715589

Bank Account Number- VQS Branch Banco Popular: 112124534, Concerned Residents for Improvement, Inc.

Tel- 787-741-2076, 787-433-0413

P.O. Box 97, Vieques, PR. 00765

Registered Non- Profit • State 66-0715589 • Federal 501C 3 170 B 1 A VI


El Fortin Conde de Mirasol

El Fortín Conde de Mirasol, also known as Fuerte de Vieques, is a fort built in 1845 located in the town of Isabel Segunda in Vieques, an island municipality of Puerto Rico. In 1991, the fort was restored by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. The structure houses the Vieques Museum of Art and History and the Vieques Historic Archives, an extensive collection of documents related to the history of Vieques. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. Volunteer opportunities are available to assist with promotions, special events and tending the gardens.

Robert Rabin- tel 787/375-0525



INCUBATOR BIEKE MICRO, INC. We want to reduce the impact of poverty on the island of Vieques by promoting self-employment and community-tourism companies.

The mission of BIEKE Incubator, Inc. is the creation and implementation of innovative initiatives to help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of individuals, families and groups, that also promote the involvement and active participation in a civil society.

One of the central strategies of the Incubator is to promote economic and community development of Vieques to support its citizens in the creation, development and growth of micro-enterprises.

The incubator consists of a Board of six (6) members, micro-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises, residents of Vieques, who serve voluntarily without any pecuniary benefit, establish public policy and ensure that it goes in line with the purposes for which created. There is an Executive Director for administrative tasks, guidance and support, as well as consultants to provide services, trainings and consulting.

All our programs and services are offered in both English and Spanish as needed by the participant.

Nilsa Medina  787/206-0602 or on Facebook –



Juntos is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of all animals on Vieques by strengthening the human-animal bond through educational awareness, outreach and direct community participation.

volunteer opportunities :

fundraising, social media and public awareness

River Karmen phone # 787 556 9030


Navy League

The primary mission of the Navy League is to support sea services, which for Vieques Council includes supporting the Coast Guard, Sector San Juan.  The secondary objective is to support community projects which are primarily beneficial to the youth of the island.

Support activities for the Coast Guard include providing lodging and transportation for Morale Welfare Recreation (MWR) Activities for Coasties from San Juan.  We hold fundraising events to generate funds to donate a Christmas Party for the Coast Guard children at the station.  We coordinate Coast Guard charitable gifts of Turkeys for the German Rieckehoff High School and Christmas gifts for the children at the Jardines Housing during Three King’s Day.

For community activities, we provide funds for basketball fencing materials for schools, university scholarships for Reach for Success students, funds for VQS Potros Boxing Club to travel to tournaments in Orlando and New York City, read books and assist teachers at the Maria Simons Elementary School, provide painting material for Sandra Reyes summer camp for children, and emergency funds for materials for Police support.

We have an annual Pig Roast Fundraiser the 2nd Saturday of the month of March, the 14th for 2015 that raises the majority of our funds for our program.

Gerardo Cisneros NLUS VQS Council President Cell: 352-275-7397 Home: 787-741-0204


Radio Vieques

The only public station on the island of Isla Nena that aired on June 30, 2013, over 90.1 FM. The public station WVQR provide scultural and educational programming related to the continuing struggles in the eastern region of Puerto Rico for decontamination, the return of the lands occupied by the United States Navy for over half a century, as well as the health of communities and sustainable development.

Nilsa Medina 787/206-0602 or


Reach For Success/Alcansando El Exito


  1. Drug, Alcohol and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Workshops• Health and Educational Counseling• Academic Tutoring and Mentoring for Enrichment and Remedial Needs• Parental Support, Consultation and Conferences• Leadership and Community Development Training and Activities

• Social, Recreational and Physical Fitness Training

• Career and Vocational Training

• Motivational Support through Counseling and Group discussions.

• Workshops and Field Trips to develop Social and Life Skills. Reach for Success is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

All contributions and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Your contributions support one or more of the following:

• operating expenses & professional staff • scholarships – every year RFS sponsors students attending colleges and/or vocational programs. • workshops in: english, sports, music, photography, art, drama, and dance. • group trips to Puerto Rico for college tours and to visit professional work sites. Please send tax deductible donations to:

Carmen Portela Weir, Director REACH for SUCCESS P.O. Box 306 Vieques, PR 00765-9998

find us on Facebook – Reach for Success/Alcansando El Exito


Rotary Club of Vieques

“Service above self” is the motto of Rotary.

Now in the third year, we continue to support the good work being done on our island.

Our primary focus last year was the Humane Education Program that comes under the auspices of Juntos and has already made a tremendous impact. This program will require funding of $55,000 per year to keep it staffed and rich in materials.  This effort touches the majority of schools and classrooms in Vieques and is moving into its second year.  Rotary Vieques donated, and helped raise, in excess of $15,000 to the program and will continue to support it this year.

Along with our regular membership contributions and funds solicited from other Rotary Clubs, we will be doing three major fundraising events this year.  The first on November 21st was dedicated to Eradicating Polio Worldwide.  Two more will fund local Vieques programs, the first of which being the Humane Education program on January 26th and the second on April 13th the beneficiaries of which are to be announced shortly.  We welcome new members, both active or contributing.  To see where we are currently meeting please see our web page at: and on Facebook: Rotary Club of Vieques, or River at 787/556-9030



Our primary mission is to protect and conserve the natural treasures of Vieques, through the promotion and development of conservation actions that teach how humanity and nature are and must be compatible.

look for us on Facebook – TICATOVE – Grupo de Conservación de Vieques


Vieques Concert Society

Support Music Education on Vieques Island

A gift to the Vieques Concert Society has never been more valuable. When you make a donation, you are providing the opportunity for the youth of Vieques to express his or her creative gifts, inspiring the spirits of others throughout the community.

Vieques Concert Society 22 Calle Hucar Vieques PR 00765

and on Facebook – Vieques Concert Society


Vieques Humane Society

Alleviates the suffering of countless homeless, neglected & abused animals living on the small Puerto Rican island of Vieques. Support Vieques Humane Society! Click donate for options.

The Vieques Humane Society is the only animal shelter on Vieques. VHS works with a tiny staff and a dedicated group of volunteers to spay & neuter, provide routine veterinary care and emergency services to the public as well as educate the public on the animal welfare issues that plague the island.

Together WE can make a difference in the lives on dogs and cats living on Vieques!

To read about the struggle we face everyday to care for homeless and neglected animals on Vieques visit:

Please look for us on Facebook – Vieques Humane Society

There is a thrift shop in Isabel II, where all of the proceeds go to supporting the operations of the Humane Society.  Please consider making a donation – and if you are on island for a while, consider lending a hand at the shop.  Ada will be glad to see you!

For other volunteer opportunities at the shelter, including the weekly Friday dog walking extravaganza – please contact:

Cyndi Thomas can be reached by texting 703-623-2613.


Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust

The mission of the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust (VCHT) is to foster, protect and conserve the environmental, archaeological and cultural resources of Vieques, Puerto Rico. One of the primary goals is to preserve and study the bioluminescent bays found on the island. The VCHT supports a broad array of educational programs for the community, with a special focus on children, through lectures, educational exhibits, seminars, summer programs, publications, computer resources and a unique Vieques scholarship program.

VCHT is committed to supporting the people, the archaeology and the physical environment of Vieques, by honoring its history, ecology and culture through education and research.

Joyce Mason has taken on the role of Volunteer Coordinator and can be reached using the contact information below.

website for the Trust is:

and you can find us on Facebook – Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust

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