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The Magic it Holds

To gaze upon it is to know. To float upon it is to see. No poet’s words will reveal its essence. No song’s melody will capture its spirit. No photograph will expose its soul. My Bay of magic can only be captured by the heart.

A visit to this wonder of the world changes everything. To the guides and fishers and students who have called it their home, the world is different. The Bay stays with them.  They see the streaking light in their dreams and miss its energy when they are apart. Scientists are humbled and disarmed by the power the bay creates, its cycles elusive, its formula undetermined. The Bay is a delicate, enigmatic, improvable working system that lives like a testament to nature’s design, and a reminder that we should follow its path.

More than an amazing place to see on Earth, the Bay is Nature’s therapy, bringing with it an instant healing, the kind humans need these days to restore our connection and re-energize our hope that all of nature is not lost.

The Bay inspires love, and under a sea of falling stars many lovers have professed it, serenated by a chorus of coquis and calming waters; open hearts ready to be joined. Many a brave soul has extended their love, pulling a ring from the water covered in glowing, liquid diamonds, offering nature’s life and their own.

For me, the Bay is my life.

I have chosen her over other loves; a routine life, a practical job, a family. I have tried to shield her from the lights that darken her glow and the poisons that foul her waters. Beauty must be cared for and protected, for the indescribable magic of nature is delicate and destroyable.

And so I call upon you who have seen it to join the efforts to save the Bay by letting her live, doing whatever it is she does, without interference, until she chooses to die, or not, naturally. I invite you to come see her and fall in love with her and the world she represents. Let us forget that we are humans apart from nature, and remember we are part of nature. We must. It is the key to everything. Do it. For the nature of love, for the love of nature.

For the love of the Bay.

the science

The magical light of Puerto Mosquito is created by an unusual wizard called Pyrodinium bahamense (whirling fire of the Bahamas). This single cell microscopic plankton is able to create an eerie bluish light by mixing two chemicals whenever something touches it. The result is spectacular. A ride on a pedal or electric boat, a canoe or a kayak puts you front row for an underwater light show where manta rays fly through a sea of ghostly stars and fish trail electric-blue wakes in the darkness. Once in a while, a manatee moves gently through the sparkling scene, large yet graceful in its watery environment, helping us understand why ancient sailors believed in mermaids.

The brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, Puerto Mosquito is one of the last examples of a pristine bay. A majestic, mangrove forest, seagrass beds, a coral reef and neighboring lagoons have combined to create and protect one of the most delicate and unique ecosystems on earth providing ideal conditions in the water for dinoflagellates (whirling tail organism)to thrive.

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