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Black Sand Beach Vieques

A beguiling expanse of magnetic black sand against a dramatic cliff makes for a dreamy cove and a FREE spa!! Gently rub the sand on your skin for exfoliation or cocoon your whole body for 40 minutes. The naturally occurring magnetite is known for aligning the body. Located on the south side of Vieques, the beach is a good mile west of Esperanza. Take 996 to 201. Turn left on 201. About 50 yards on the left, you will see that the guard rail ends. Take the trail down to the creek (Quebrada Urbana) and follow it to the sea—it takes about 10 minutes. The creek can be muddy, but experiencing this beautiful beach is well worth the mud.

For in-depth information on all the beaches on Vieques get the Vieques Insider Beach Guide!

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