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Good Mornin’ Granola

take home a taste of Vieques

You can’t pack sunshine and ocean breezes in your suitcase, but you can still start your day Vieques-style when you get home.

Since it opened in 2014, the restaurant at El Blok has been known for its outstanding homemade granola. Originally, this sweet treat was available only to hotel guests, but now all visitors and locals are welcome to partake.

The chefs at El Blok make granola several times a week using a recipe that includes organic honey from the main island of Puerto Rico, oats, cinnamon, brown sugar and fresh coconut. Each batch takes hours to bake; if you smell sweetness at the top of the Malecón in the early morning hours it’s probably that day’s granola, which has been cooking in the oven for most of the night.

El Blok is open for breakfast daily so stop in to enjoy a bowl in the eco-wise hotel’s open air restaurant. If you can’t get enough there, pick up a bag to bring home. The team at El Blok will even ship you more when you run out – just call and ask.

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